Cameron Dunlap Funding – Same Day Transactional Funding

Cameron Dunlap Funding

If you’re looking for funding, look no further because Cameron Dunlap funding is exactly what it says. Cameron will fund your real estate deals. More and more we are seeing real estate investors and professionals come to us because the old days of simultaneous closings and using your end buyers money to fund the deal just doesn’t work anymore. Cameron Dunlap FundingBanks are wanting to see skin in the game so to speak and this is exactly what we provide for our clients who have found a good deal and need wet funds to close with the bank.

If you want to use Cameron Dunlap Funding, here is the way it works…

You go out find a great deal whether it’s a short sale, REO or whatever. At this point in time the bank usually requests a POF or proof of funds letter showing them how you plan to come up with the money to fulfill your end of the contract. We are also seeing more and more banks requesting VOD’s or verification of deposit meaning they want to see real proof you have the money in the bank.

As a student of ours, all you have to do is print proof of funds letters on demand. And guess what? They are all backed by me, Cameron Dunlap. If the bank or real estate agent requests a VOD, I’ll send them one so you can continue on getting the approval from the bank. This is huge because this is what stops alot of people from making money in this business. Knowing you have funding from me, Cameron Dunlap is a huge benefit.

Once approved, you need to make sure you have an end buyer lined up to flip this house to. Transactional funding is set up so that both transactions happen minutes apart. This isn’t long term funding where you use the money the fix up the property. Remember, this isn’t a loan which is why I don’t care about credit or income. Rather you are getting in to flip this house to a rehabber / end buyer and they will be the ones doing all the repairs if any are needed. We sometimes refer to it as “1 day dough” because it usually only takes one day to use the money and cash your paycheck.

Now, having said that, we also understand in certain cases that it takes longer to fund deals. Sometimes banks have hold periods. No worries, we can do longer term funding as well. Basically the money we use to fund the deal goes to the bank to satisfy the requirement of you being on title before you can sell to your end buyer. This will be the A – B transaction. Then you will sell the home to your end buyer which makes up the B – C transaction. Ideally the end buyer is a cash buyer because it just makes everyone’s life easier. If not, no big deal, I’ll show you some ways to help it move smoothly.

As far as funding goes, as long as it’s a single-family residential property and as long as it’s below $600,000, you’re good. I charge NO POINTS on same day deals and there are no other fees or minimums. It’s the best deal you’re going to find ANYWHERE, plus you’ll have us helping you every step of the way.